We'd like to introduce you to the people behind the project and the EYCA Youth Panel.

The EYCA Youth Panel is composed of seven young, bright and active people from all over Europe. We all come from various backgrounds and stand for very different causes. We want to reach the uninvolved youth, foster their passion about the pressing issues of today, and provide them with the tools to participate.

We are doing this through the #ISTANDFOR campaign which involves online and offline participation opportunities for young people according to their interest and their potential. These opportunities are organised in five thematic months: Human Rights, EU and young people, Environment, Wellbeing and Local Democracy. The project includes a variety of activities in which young people can participate to get motivated and to learn about today's issues and how to tackle them. These range from online challenges to face-to-face meetings such as workshops, debates, round table discussion and travelling with Interrail.

Get to know us better

Alexandra Sipos


Alexandra is currently pursuing a doctorate in sociology. Apart from researching, her other passions are dancing, aerial sports, volunteering and advocacy in the field of youth policy.

She has been involved in the youth field for many years on the national and European level. Lately, she represented Hungarian young people at the EU Youth Dialogue conference as a youth delegate. Her areas of interest are mental health and wellbeing, gender equality and social inclusion of all young people.

It was one of her goals to be part of the EYCA Youth Panel to enhance youth policy and the organisation's work. She hopes to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young people while constantly improving herself during her mandate. She believes that cooperation, being understanding and sensitive towards each other could lead to a better future.

Huw Sherrard

Scotland (UK)

Huw is an 18-year-old student from Clackmannanshire, Scotland, studying Politics at the University of Warwick. He has previously been involved in youth participation and advocacy at a local, regional, and national level, and currently represents young people within the UK as the UK's Youth Delegate to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, and as a UK Young Ambassador to the EU Youth Dialogue.

His main passion is improving the involvement of young people in decision-making at a local level and serves as Chair of ALYVE UK - a charity advocating for and supporting local youth forums across Scotland and the UK - to improve this within his own country.

In his free time, Huw enjoys volunteering in his community and is currently a Trustee of two additional charities within Clackmannanshire. One that runs youth clubs and activities for young people, and another that manages a historically and ecologically important area within the county.

Julia Fernández Arribas


Julia is a 20-year-old student and youth activist from Madrid, Spain. She is currently studying Law and Political Science in the Autonomous University of Madrid, and at the same time representing Spain as a Youth Delegate in the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. ​


Her main passions are connecting the EU with the youth and promoting civil participation. Currently, she volunteers at the European Parliament, and is the President of Equipo Europa, a European youth association aiming to promote the EU amongst the youth.


Besides her engagement at the European level, she also participates at the local level, collaborating with her local Youth Council on matters regarding youth participation.

Luka Keserič


Luka is a 21-year-old student from Slovenia, studying electrical engineering and is currently on an Erasmus+ exchange in Munich.


He is an active citizen. Luka often participates in both national and international events that concern young people and address serious issues like climate change, promoting healthy habits among young people and youth activation. He has experience in delivering workshops and event organisation.

Mark Anthony Borg


Mark is a 19-year-old student from the tiny island called Malta, and he is currently studying law at the University of Malta. Mark is passionate about raising awareness on human rights, particularly press freedom. He believes that this is vital for our democracies to continue to exist, which is what led him to become an active citizen.

Mark is an alumnus of Junior Achievement Young Enterprise, National Youth Parliament, Model European Parliament, Harvard World Model United Nations and is currently a member of the national board of the European Law Students' Association in Malta. He believes that everyone has a role to play.

Markos Chionos


Markos was born in Siatista (Greece). After earning a bachelor's degree in finance and a master's degree in European Economic Law and ADR, he decided to return to his hometown and contribute by supporting his local community. ​

He is passionate about volunteering and in his free time, he is part of the organisation "Greek Odysseuses". An association that contributes to developing international educational youth projects. ​ Markos cares about wellbeing, active citizenship and self-empowerment of young people. He also enjoys sports.


Markos' life motto is: "Men have to create their destiny".

Serena Boukelmoun


Serena is from Luxembourg. She firmly believes that every person should have access to free and quality education. Also, that young people need to realise that they can do more to stand for the causes they care about and therefore, to become active members of society. ​


In addition to the EYCA Youth Panel, Serena also collaborates with Women in Digital Empowerment (WIDE). This organisation provides tools for women and young girls to know more about technology and encouraging them to build up their start-ups. ​


Serena truly believes in the power of mobility as a tool to build an open-minded and culturally aware society. She considers that learning and experience different cultures are essential for young people to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Ana Morgado

Portugal - EYCA Youth Panel Coordinator

Educator, activist, woman and curious. I believe in education as a form of exploration of the potentialities of the self, where self-esteem, trust and love are interwoven to generate possibilities of relationships and social transformation. Trying to open my heart and mind to the unknown, I made my job as an educator a process of personal discovery and learning about what a Freirean educator is called to do: open the way to a libertarian life!


It's been a privilege to work together with 7 motivated young people who position themselves as change makers and work hard every day to raise awareness and promote human rights, participation and social cohesion in their houses, universities and in their communities!



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