Why and how do we exist?

EYCA has always focused on incorporating the youth view in their work to be more authentic. The creation of an EYCA Youth Panel was proposed in 2017. It came to fruition in March 2019 with us being the first ever Youth Panel. We were selected by the EYCA Board and member organisations based on our video applications.

What is EYCA exactly? What does it do?

Great question! The EYCA (European youth card association) is the association of youth card organisations, as the name mentions. As for the association, it is a non-governmental, not-for-profit association of 39 member organisations that issue the European Youth Card to over 6 million young people in 37 countries across Europe. Their goal - just like ours - is to empower young people.The association uses the European Youth Card (EYC) as a tool to achieve this goal with the help of their member organisations.

For more information check out their website: EYCA.

How can I join your campaign?

We offer a lot of possibilities to join! You can do it online through our challenges or just by following our work on our social media platforms. You can also join the campaign in the offline space. Check out our local activities page! If you have any doubts, you can always contact us.

Can I participate in your events even if I don't have the European Youth Card?

Yes, you can if you are a young person who is interested in our campaign! But we also recommend that you check out EYCA's website on your possibilities regarding the European Youth Card. Who knows, maybe you will find that a member organisation offers discount on your favourite local shop.

Can I become a member of the EYCA Youth Panel?

We have good and bad news for you. Unfortunately, you can't join this Youth Panel but we will start recruiting young people for the next Youth Panel around November-December 2020. Keep your eyes open - we will share all the information you need to apply to be part of the next EYCA Youth Panel.

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