The project is developed by us, the EYCA Youth Panel. We are young individuals from Europe who want to reach, motivate and inform young people in order for us to fully and actively participate in the society we live in.


When we first started discussing what our project should focus on, we found that we all had different opinions and interests. We identified that young people in Europe have many different needs that depend on several socio-economic factors. Acknowledging that young people are passionate about a range of different issues and want to engage but might not know how, these needs will be addressed with our campaign by organizing several activities that are divided into two domains. 

First, what we call MOTIVATIONAL ACTIVITIES aiming at bringing young people aged 15-25 year olds together to engage in various online and local activities to discuss issues related to their daily life in an informative, funny and personal way, encouraging them to become more active, taking some rewarding challenges and to become involved in things that matter to them in their own towns, schools, clubs, etc.

Second, EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES targeting the same young people and giving them access to some resources that we have been using in previous activities with other young people. We believe that these resources can support young people to make a change, to be able to expand their views on certain topics and to organise activities within their topics of interest.


The main idea behind the project is to create a pan-European movement that empowers young people through youth participation making it mainstream. The movement will target those who are willing to participate but don’t know how to and will contribute by giving them the space and tools to do so. It will be created through a raising awareness campaign named #ISTANDFOR present on major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram). Various events will also be part of the campaign as they occur at local and national level with the aim to motivate and inspire those who want to contribute in changing the world.



  • TO MOTIVATE young people to engage, build communities and start with own actions for making a change

  • TO PROVIDE young people with the necessary tools to engage, build communities and start with own actions for making a change

  • TO RAISE AWARENESS about the importance of youth participation in our society and create an environment which allows disengaged young people to participate, engage, motivate and educate others

Who is our project aimed at

Young people who:​

  • are approximately between 15-25 years old

  • are passionate about today's societal issues

  • want to stand for what they believe in and motivate others to do the same


Early spring 2020

Spring 2020

Late spring 2020

Early summer 2020

Summer 2020

Launching of the #ISTANDFOR campaign

First thematic period

Human rights

Second thematic period

EU and young people

Fourth thematic period


Third thematic period


Fifth thematic period

Local democracy

Late summer 2020

How to get started?



Have you ever felt like things could be improved?

That change was needed?

It's time to start thinking that you could be that change.


You know you can be the change. But, how?

Where to start?

Our pool of toolkits will guide you through every step.

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