As it is known, the group of young people around Europe is heterogeneous. They live in different social, cultural and economic realities yet face similar issues. We had this experience with the establishment of the EYCA Youth Panel: What do we want to focus on in our project? What is crucial to young people?


Faced with this challenge, we decided to have as our main goal the empowerment of young people which we plan on achieving through the #ISTANDFOR campaign. At the same time, we decided to create five thematic periods to give structure to our campaign. On this page you can find details on each thematic period such as the importance of each topic.

Spring 2020

Human rights

We believe that young people deserve youth rights. The main root of such rights is laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is the foundation of our society.  

These rights regulate the relationships with one another and also with the State. Human Rights are crucial to keep our living standards, and hopefully improve them. It is essential to be aware of what human rights are and to understand them. This is the only way for people to be genuinely free and properly participate in democratic societies.
From a legal perspective, human rights are the most 'moral' type of rights, given that all of us are entitled to them by merely existing. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to understand what human rights are, why they matter, why they are fought for, to draw inspiration, and to make sure any individual or authority never breach them.

Late spring 2020

EU and young people

When today's youngest generations were born, the European Union already existed and had been stable for many years. This has its good side — we have profited from all of its benefits, but has led to a challenge too: we, young people, take the European Union for granted.

Since it has always been there for us, we cannot imagine how it would be like to live without it. Because it is so integrated, we are not aware of the advantages that come with being a European citizen.

We need to emphasise the importance of the European Union. Highlighting its direct effect on our daily lives, and all of the opportunities that it brings to us, from travelling opportunities to democratic participation, or even getting your first job.

The European Union needs youth to carry on the project started years ago, which has led to the most peaceful decades in Europe.

Early summer 2020


The world is at a crossroad, yet young people will feel this the most. We have a choice to make the future better than we could have ever imagined! We have the choice to save our planet, to make it human pollution-free! We have the choice to give each and every person on this planet a place! We have the tools and means to look forward to a great future!

Concepts like sustainability, circular economy, green energies, green finance, solidarity economy should be the rule, not the exceptions, and we are working hard to get there! The future requires us, young people, to share the wealth and to take care of one another, and together, we can achieve it.

We need new technologies and rapid change to achieve this goal, but we can start with small actions with which each and every one of us can reduce our carbon footprint.  In this way, we can pave a path for our future.

Summer 2020


The focus on Wellness and Youth Empowerment is to defend, improve and promote the mental and physical health and social wellbeing of our youth. On the one hand, by developing their social skills and critical thinking, while on the other hand, by highlighting their social and physical environment.

Wellbeing needs to be implemented in our lives in a participatory way, interactive and captivating for the interest of the European youth — by using non-formal learning techniques and methods, adapted to the topic of the campaign.

In a spirit of peace and prosperity, we can embrace the goals and needs of modern European youth by giving them an opportunity for further personal growth and wellbeing as well as further promoting the values that the European Youth Card represents in regards to the empowerment of young people.

Late summer 2020

Local democracy

Young people across Europe are constrained by their local environment. They have limited opportunities to explore democratic participation and active citizenship. Young people deserve a voice in decisions made by public authorities - especially those closest to them. That voice is vital for ensuring that they have the same power to impact their community as older peers.
Our goal is to encourage young people to get engaged in youth participation and advocacy at a local level, as well as to raise awareness of useful tools and inspiration!

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